CNP Automation: Automation Control with Field Sensor, PLC, CodeSys Control, Remote Access, and IoT Cloud Platform

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2020 is a new start for CNP Automation to advance on process control and automation, with integration of CodeSys control technology, and IoT clode platform for data collection and visualization.

CNP Automation brings state of the art automation control and IoT solutions from simple pump station control, to plant wide process control and data visualization.

We provide a complete solution with:

1) Field Sensors: pH, temperature, pressure, level, radar, ultrasonic, mag flow, dissolved oxygen, conductivity, suspended solids, chlorine, ....

2) PLC controller: Schneider M241, M262, Truhigh P500, P600, Haiwell AT

3) HMI Panel: Weintek 7" to 22" touch screens; Schneider 7" to 15" touch screen; CodeSys webvisu on touch panel PC; 

4) Store process data locally on a USB memory stick in csv file, which can be managed on Excel spreadsheet.

5) 4G Router: Teltonika RUT, Truhigh P400

6) Sending process data to your email account once per day/week/month

7) Remote Access HMI screen on your mobile phone, iPAD, or PC: Weintek EasyAccess 2.0; CodeSys webvisu;

8) Cloud Dashboard: data visualization on amazon web service AWS 


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